Future Plans

RGSP has got plans to own hoardings in major cities and towns across the country and post messages on the occassion of birthdays/matrydam days of major revolutionaries of the freedom struggle. Also RGSP intends to own neon light signages across the country for the same purpose and would like to laise with such agencies to display messages on these occasions.
RGSP will vehementally put all its resources at its command to put pressure on the government to recognize the contributions of the revolutionaries of the freedom struggle by way of inclusion of their life and achievement in the text books and naming of the public places with their name
RGSP will bring out a scheme of educating the students community in particular and interested other people to study the contributions of the revolutionaries and conduct an informal exam and awards certificates of merit to those who clear these exams with a minimum success scoring of 50% marks.
RGSP will build a rapo with real estate developers to get their existing and new projects named after the revolutionaries.
RGSP will establish scholarships in the memory of the revolutionaries.
RGSP will create awareness in the corporate segment of the country and seek their all round participation in our activities.
RGSP will laise with organizations with similar objectives and enroll their support for our gigantic task.

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